RFID could allow your card information and your identity to be stolen

A friend of mine just sent me this link. This isn’t really a skills related post, but I wanted to do what I could to get the word out.

Right now many new bank cards and credit cards contain RFID chips. These chips can allow someone with a couple of hundred dollars to steal your information. Even more disturbing was finding out that all passports issued after 2006 contain RFID.

There are all sorts of sleeves and wallet inserts to protect this. A co-worker of mine who worked on a security project informed me of a more low tech solution. Tin foil. Now I’m not going to bust out my tin foil hat or anything, but lining your wallet with tin foil is a low tech way to keep the thieves out of your business.

Check out these instructions on How to make an RFID blocking wallet. Ok, so maybe the tin foil hat gang is onto something??

To see if any of your cards contain RFID please check for this logo:

Check your cards for this logo

Free intro to hydroponics course

Dennis over at gardenpool.org has just recently posted an hour long presentation on hydroponic basics.

I am currently prepping an area in my basement to start my hydroponic operation. Check it out:

Hydroponics 101 from GardenPool on Vimeo.

Hydroponics 101

Lots of Free E-Books

I love searching google using “Filetype:PDF” to find cool PDF files to send to my kindle. While doing so yesterday I ran across this resource:

Lots of cool stuff on there including a DIY guide to make your own Berkey “style” water filter.

That sounds like a pretty cool project, I might give it a read this weekend.

DIY PVC cold-frame/green house for a raised square foot garden bed

I shot a ton of videos, and my backlog for editing is huge. I’m just going chronological. This one was shot in early November when I decided I would try to get in a fall garden even though I slacked hardcore and didn’t plant it till just then.

Making a cold frame to extend the growing season couldn’t be easier. You can adapt the design to fit any shape. If you have a long garden you will be more suited to the “covered wagon” style of cold frame.

I wanted something that I could take off and hang in my shed when i don’t need it. I didn’t want to fuss with having to disassemble a lot of stuff.

If you are using a standard 4×4 bed for a square foot garden (SFG) then using a dome shape as shown in the video will offer you the best resistance to heavy winds/etc. There is a reason most tents use this type of design.

I got a super late start on my fall garden, but I checked it the other day and there is a ton of Arugula coming up and my oregano from my spring garden still look fine even though I am scraping frost off my windows every morning. My kale never sprouted, I wish I had jumped on the fall garden when you were supposed to plant it rather than November.

There is always next year.

P.S. Here is what happens when you don’t attach it to the frame (not my SFG but a friends). This is an example of the “covered wagon” style.

Be sure to tether your hoop house!