Homemade Peanut Butter Cups


Here is a quick video Juliet and I shot of making our own holiday treats, my favorite: Peanut Butter Cups. We’ve been trying to make more and more things from scratch and it’s a fun way for a family to spend some time together.

Author: Nick-LaDieu

Webmaster of SaveOurSkills.com. Budding skill enthusiast and modern survivalist. When nick isn't plotting his next project he is probably running with his dogs, riding his mountain bike, or fiddling with his home theater.

  • MaddoginMass

    Thanks Nick….my 12 year old daughter made them the other day. Now:

    1) I can never go back to store bought
    2) I can hear them calling my name whenever I open the refrigerator
    3) I’m trying to figure out how to include them in my preps

    Seriously though, keep up the good work

  • Anonymous

    If you like these try making your own peppermint patties… better hide them because I am coming over!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bacon dipped in melted chocolate… probably the most addictive substance on earth

  • Cupcake sized? Good god all mighty! 😀

  • I gotta try this one! Looks delicious. My wife made homemade “Thin Mints” a couple of years ago and I thought they were even better than the Girl Scouts version.