Using buttermilk to remove the gamey taste from venison and grassfed beef

Check out my guest post on The Backyard Pioneer Blog on how to remove the gamey taste from grass-fed beef using buttermilk

Is your grassfed beef too gamey? How to use buttermilk to take the gamey taste out of venison and grass-fed beef.

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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  • Clinton

    For deer, butcher yourself (get rid of the silver seam) and you won’ have to worry about it! (No, you can’t use that fancy bandsaw you just bought. But the difference in the taste will be worth it!)

    I recommend the Kentucky Afield “From Field to Freezer” DVD.

  • saveourskills

    I really like the book: Gut it, Cut it, Cook it
    Nice color pictures and lays completely flat (is in a binder) so you can easily flip through it while processing your deer.

    I do all my own butchering.

    Having said that, give the buttermilk soak a try anyway… just because I love the taste of plain venison doesn’t mean I don’t every marinade a steak or apply a cajun rub. The buttermilk soak adds a richness of flavor and tenderness that I think you will find pleasing. I’m not saying do it every-time or anything, but what I am saying is removing gaminess isn’t the only reason to use the technique.

    Certainly chicken tastes great on it’s own, so southern chefs aren’t trying to remove gaminess when they soak their chickens in buttermilk right? Give it a go.

    Thanks for the comment