Survival Gear Bags Giveaway Contest – SOS Style!

Kelly over at Survival Gear Bags has seriously hooked me up with some cool stuff to give away! Don’t forget to use the link to the right and use the code “sos5” to get 5% off your order!!

  1. A sweet black Ka-Bar utility knife with leather sheath
  3. A camouflage waterproof map case
  4. Signaling mirror – not just an ordinary mirror, has instructions written on it and a site hole… waiting for the sun to rise in Pittsburgh so I can test it out

So you want free stuff?

Here is the deal:

One lucky facebook fan on our facebook page is getting the map case and signaling mirror. In order to qualify you need to go over the the facebook page and hit “like”. If you “like” the facebook page by November 5th you qualify for the random drawing.

Contest rules for the Ka-Bar knife and Compass

Ok so I want you guys/girls out there in cyber space to decide which skill I should endeavor to undertake next.

If you want to win the knife or the compass please follow the following rules

  1. Send me an email to
  2. Make the subject of that email “Choose Nick’s Next Youtube Video”
  3. In this email please include a link or description of a practical project. Try to make it something feasible. For example you could explain to me how to use PHOSPHORESCENT LENSATIC COMPASS. Also I’m fine with spending money, but let’s keep the budget under $200 to complete the project. That should give you plenty of room to work. You can give as much detail or as little detail as you would like, or simply give me the link to the project online.
  4. I have the right to reject your entry, If I do I will email you and let you know why
  5. On November 7th I am going to post up all the skills each person suggested. If you want to participate you need to have your entry in by 11PM on November 6th. NO LATER
  6. Each post will have a facebook “thumbs up” icon below it
  7. On November 19th at 7PM the post with the most facebook “likes” wins the contest.
    1. First place gets to choose the compass or the knife
    2. Second place gets whatever first place does not

Q & A:

Q: What if I fail to read/understand/follow the instructions?
A: You’re fubar
Q: What if I refuse to join facebook, is there a way I can participate?
A: Sorry not at this time. Consider joining under a fake name if your worried about getting sucked in
Q: What if I send you a skill about how to stab yourself in the leg (or any other idiotic thing)?
A: I will delete your email

So this wouldn’t be a very good Save Our Skills blog post if I didn’t incorporate some awesome DIY project. I decided I needed some really top notch product photos so I built a light box. Check out the video below and then scroll down for some cool pictures of the giveaways.

Inspired by

Note: In my version I drilled out the threaded area of the connectors… after I finished I checked out the picture again and noticed that they used a bunch of extra elbows to get around my problem… but mine was cheaper. A few points to make it cheap… the less parts you buy = cheaper. Second … for anything you use PVC for in project use electrical conduit instead. WAY cheaper… I get those 8 foot sections for 92 cents at lowes vs $3 or $4 for PVC.

How to make your very own PVC photo light box

p.s. I’m not even close to a pro photographer. I plan to graduate from auto this winter (yet another skillset to learn!) I think I needed to adjust my F-Stop or something… the focal area was too narrow on some of them.

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