Episode 6: Raising Rabbits for meat with Marjory from Backyard Food Production

This week I was lucky enough to talk with Marjory Wildcraft from Backyard Food Production. If you haven’t picked up a copy of that DVD yet you really are missing out. The resources DVD that accompanies the product is worth the cost of the entire product.

I picked Marjoy’s brain about raising Rabbits for meat.

  • My rabbits might be the best meat source for the small homestead
  • What do you need to get started
  • % of feed you can grow vs store bought feed
  • how to select a variety
  • shelter and space needed
  • how doing your own butchering connects you with your food in a profound way

There is a lot more besides.

Also I owe everyone an apology, I cut off the last 2 minutes of this file, there was a software glitch. We recorded it again but it didn’t take.

At the end of the video Marjory mentioned that Rabbits are more than just meat, you can make fine hats out of their pelts, and they also make great dog food.

I hope everyone enjoys the interview. If there is more topics you would like to hear Majory cover she has agreed to do a follow up Podcast.


Author: Nick-LaDieu

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