No podcast today

I regret to announce that I had to cancel my podcast recording due to work obligations. I’ve also got quite a cough and felt it was time to get some sleep.

I didn’t want to leave you hanging on a Friday though so I’m glad Kelly from Survival Gear Bags stepped in with a deal.

Here is the deal. If you order any Paladin bag (go to the site and search “Paladin”) You will get a free Paladin Hornet Folding Knife and 5% off with discount code “SOS5”

To get the deal you need to use this link and apply discount code “SOS5” at checkout.

I also announced on Facebook a few days ago that I will be doing a series on Bee Keeping starting next week and running in perpetuum. This is a new hobby for me and I am very excited about it. I plan to relay to you my experiences as a beginner intermixed with interviews and articles from very experienced bee keepers.

For you people in the city who are space limited, bees are one thing that work VERY well in urban environments, in fact bees tend to do better in city environments than our sterile suburbs due to having more pollen sources and lack of chemically treated lawns.

If you want to join me on this journey please add your comment below. Your homework for this weekend is to locate your local bee keeping club or organization and contact them. If you’re serious about bee-keeping this is a great time to start your education and locate a local mentor.

If you are out in the bush and can’t find a local mentor please contact me and I would be happy to give you support through my network which I am already establishing.

Author: Nick-LaDieu

Webmaster of Budding skill enthusiast and modern survivalist. When nick isn't plotting his next project he is probably running with his dogs, riding his mountain bike, or fiddling with his home theater.