Survival Gear Bags Contest winners

It’s time to announce the winners of the Survival Gear Bags giveaway contest! We had a ton of great ideas and I will be listing them on the blog with the final vote counts, but here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winner

Scott suggests showing how to snare an animal,field dress it and then preserve the meat via smoking/freezing and dehydrating

104 Votes

How to make a deer snare (or other type of animal trap). Once you have caught an animal, you can then show how to cut the meat off (field dress and butcher) and then preserve the meat using multiple methods such as smoke/freeze/dehydration for storage.

The video I attached even utilizes a KaBar knife, so it’s PERFECT!

Second Place Winner

Dene suggests showing how to maintain hand tools such as hoes, an picks

79 Votes

Nick, I’d like to see a video on how to maintain hand tools like shovels, hoes, picks, turning forks, etc… primarily, how to replace an old handle with a new one, how to keep them sharp and in good condition free of rust and maybe proper way to store them.

First prize is this excellent Ka-Bar Knife (as chosen by Scott)

Second prize is the really sweet compass (CAMMENGA – G.I. MILITARY PHOSPHORESCENT LENSATIC COMPASS (MODEL 27) )

In 3rd place Shawn suggested doing a bee keeping video series, well I am doing that for sure, but it came up short for a prize: better luck next time Shawn!!

Congratulations to the winners!

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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