I dropped by today and made up a cool t-shirt. I’ll make a whopping $2.25 if you buy this awesome shirt. Your life will finally be complete.

Since I am a marketing genius, I of course waiting until just days before Christmas to ensure there is zero chance this will arrive in time.

The shirt is black and is absent any sort of text or URLs… just a bad ass SOS logo for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the link:

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Link with the URL:

Episode 9: Top Bar Bee Keeping with the “bare foot beekeeper”

Phil Chandler, author of The Barefoot Beekeeper joins us today on the podcast to talk all about getting started in and maintaining a top bar hive.

  1. Learn what equipment you need to get started in top bar hives (not much!)
  2. Learn why top bar hives might be the ticket for many people who wouldn’t be able to handle the heavy lifting involved with traditional framed hives
  3. How to source your bees
  4. Thoughts on honey production
  5. Catching wild swarms
  6. The truth about bee packages
  7. Integrated Pest Management strategies
  8. Much more!


  1. New Sponsor: The Food Security Knowledge Pack
  2. Must Read Information for new beekeepers –
  3. The Barefoot Beekeeper
  6. Top Bar Hive Plans

Forever Foods: Cooking staples that can outlast you

Mother Nature Network brings us a list of 10 foods that have an indefinite storage life. I would say I agree with these items, with the caveat that you store them properly.

I would add to this list most dehydrated vegetables such as peppers, carrots, and squash. How about dried beans and powdered milk?

What foods would you add to this list?

Forever Foods Via Mother Nature Network

How to make and can your own habanero hot sauce

I’ve finally got a bit of free time to catch up on my videos. I made this video in early November at my brother’s house in Harrisburg PA. He grows quite a bit of hot peppers and I suggested that we can up some hot sauce.

This sauce is excellent, don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t super hot. You could easily make this sauce hotter by adding in seeds from the peppers. I’ll let you decide that.

This is literally the first time I canned anything in my life, so hopefully you can all get a chuckle as I hold the jar lifter upside down and in general just goof off with my friends.

We learn a couple of skills in this video:

  • Canning via the hot water bath method
  • Saving seeds from pepper
  • How to make hot sauce (obviously)

Here is the link to the recipe I used: Bob’s Habanero Hot Sauce

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I was as surprised as you are to receive and interview request! (Just kidding… sort of)

I’ve only just started listening to Rob’s podcast and it is clear that he has passion and his energy level is off the charts.

His family dove into the homesteading lifestyle with both feet, in fact they don’t even have a refrigerator, it is pretty incredible.

Here is the link to that podcast