DIY PVC cold-frame/green house for a raised square foot garden bed

I shot a ton of videos, and my backlog for editing is huge. I’m just going chronological. This one was shot in early November when I decided I would try to get in a fall garden even though I slacked hardcore and didn’t plant it till just then.

Making a cold frame to extend the growing season couldn’t be easier. You can adapt the design to fit any shape. If you have a long garden you will be more suited to the “covered wagon” style of cold frame.

I wanted something that I could take off and hang in my shed when i don’t need it. I didn’t want to fuss with having to disassemble a lot of stuff.

If you are using a standard 4×4 bed for a square foot garden (SFG) then using a dome shape as shown in the video will offer you the best resistance to heavy winds/etc. There is a reason most tents use this type of design.

I got a super late start on my fall garden, but I checked it the other day and there is a ton of Arugula coming up and my oregano from my spring garden still look fine even though I am scraping frost off my windows every morning. My kale never sprouted, I wish I had jumped on the fall garden when you were supposed to plant it rather than November.

There is always next year.

P.S. Here is what happens when you don’t attach it to the frame (not my SFG but a friends). This is an example of the “covered wagon” style.

Be sure to tether your hoop house!

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