RFID could allow your card information and your identity to be stolen

A friend of mine just sent me this link. This isn’t really a skills related post, but I wanted to do what I could to get the word out.

Right now many new bank cards and credit cards contain RFID chips. These chips can allow someone with a couple of hundred dollars to steal your information. Even more disturbing was finding out that all passports issued after 2006 contain RFID.

There are all sorts of sleeves and wallet inserts to protect this. A co-worker of mine who worked on a security project informed me of a more low tech solution. Tin foil. Now I’m not going to bust out my tin foil hat or anything, but lining your wallet with tin foil is a low tech way to keep the thieves out of your business.

Check out these instructions on How to make an RFID blocking wallet. Ok, so maybe the tin foil hat gang is onto something??

To see if any of your cards contain RFID please check for this logo:

Check your cards for this logo

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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