Episode 10 – New Years Goals and Mycorrhizal Fungi

Yeah it’s a pretty strange title for the Podcast… but that is the topic for today’s show.

Here is your outline:

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My New Years Resolutions

  1. Stop interrupting people in conversations, be a more mindful and aware of my conversations and surroundings.
  2. Clich̩ Goal Alert!! РLose some weight!!
  3. Stop being such a consumer and embrace a more frugal lifestyle

2011 Project short list.

  1. Design/budget/plan my aquaponics system
  2. Bees!
  3. Baby!
  4. Mushroom Production
  5. Triple the size of the garden
  6. Maximize the assets already on my land (Orchard)
  7. Chicken Tractor

Mycorrhizal Fungi

“experiments conducted on a site owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation in Bellingham. Diesel oil had contaminated the site, which the mycoremediation team inoculated with strains of oyster mycelia that Stamets had collected from old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest. Two other bioremediation teams, one using bacteria, the other using engineered bacteria, were also given sections of the contaminated soil to test.
Lo and behold. After four weeks, oyster mushrooms up to 12 inches in diameter had formed on the mycoremediated soil. After eight weeks, 95 percent of the hydrocarbons had broken down, and the soil was deemed nontoxic and suitable for use in WSDOT highway landscaping.

By contrast, neither of the bioremediated sites showed significant changes. “It’s only hearsay,” says Bill Hyde, Stamets’ patent attorney, “but the bacterial remediation folks were crying because the [mycoremediation] worked so fast.

And that, says Stamets, was just the beginning of the end of the story. As the mushrooms rotted away, “fungus gnats” moved in to eat the spores. The gnats attracted other insects, which attracted birds, which brought in seeds.”

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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