Episode 13: Beneficial Garden Pollinators – the Mason Bees!

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Mason bees are a great garden friend and their needs are minimal. They just need you to plant some nice herbs to pollinate and make a basic house to live in.

Today we talk about:

  • Great for people who can’t have honey bees, and also for those that do!
  • They don’t sting!
  • Great in cold climates
  • Order through mail or attract them from the wild
  • How to setup a mason bee house
  • How to build a mason bee house
  • Mason Bee House Plans using natural logs

Author: Nick-LaDieu

Webmaster of SaveOurSkills.com. Budding skill enthusiast and modern survivalist. When nick isn't plotting his next project he is probably running with his dogs, riding his mountain bike, or fiddling with his home theater.