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Hey gang, I’m going to be pretty light on posts for the next few weeks, however I have a lot of cool guests lined up for the podcast to fill the void, but the daily text based posts won’t be as frequent unless you send me something to post.

I’ve got a few exciting web projects lined up for the community and need to focus my attention on them so I can get them completed in a timely manner.

I’ve made a commitment to the SOS blog and podcast, however I envision, and always have envisioned, that SOS would eventually be a place where the community could share resources in order to preserve our knowledge. One of my favorite things about running this blog is trying to promote the other people making a difference out there.

Upcoming Projects:

  • : a website and mobile application to stream all of your favorite podcasts, blog content, and youtube videos from the community
  • I’m also planning to install a “digg” type of software into SOS which will allow the community to share and comment on all of our favorite web resources. This is the first step towards achieving my vision
  • I’m working on a website/iPhone application where you can set an alert on a craigslist search and receive an email notification when their are new results

I’ve been working on my top bar hive so that my girls have a home when they arrive on March 28th and also dutifully assembling honey super frames and brood frames for my commercial style hives.

I also received a soil cube and I spent last night putting together my grow light system. I’m going to try to get my garden plan knocked out this weekend. I’ve already completed my seed selection process. Then, of course, if this snow ever decides to melt I need to prepare my garden beds.

With the spring thaw coming I’m also planning to step up my physical fitness back to acceptable levels by training for some sort of race, most likely a trail run or mountain bike race.

I’ve been slowly collecting pallets which I hope to start breaking down to build my chicken coup. I am currently deciding on my management strategy for the chickens. I will either do a chicken tractor or do rotational paddock system if I can figure out what is involved with that exactly. There is also a chance I may not keep chickens this year, I’ll have to see where I am at when the time comes to get chicks.

Then of course there are all the tasks associated with the birth of my son in June that are too vast to list here, but I’ve signed on for several wood working projects in an attempt to discourage my wife from buying expensive furniture, including several built-in book cases.

It’s proving to be a busy and exciting 2011 at the LaDieu (transitioning to) homestead.

Author: Nick-LaDieu

Webmaster of Budding skill enthusiast and modern survivalist. When nick isn't plotting his next project he is probably running with his dogs, riding his mountain bike, or fiddling with his home theater.