First year beekeepers pre-spring task list

Getting ready for your bees? Here is a real quick task list of some things you need to lock down before your bees arrive

  • Secure a large stockpile of sugar for making sugar syrup
  • Be sure to assemble all of your hive bodies and frames. Or have your Top bar hive completely 100% ready
  • An empty spray bottle, to be filled with sugar water (If you plan to install a package)
  • Decide what type of feeder you will be using and understand how it will work. I have the last feeder shown in the video and I have a quail feeder for my top bar hive. Make some sugar syrup to understand the process.
  • Make sure you know when your bees will arrive and if you are getting them in the mail make sure you call the post office and have them notify you the instant they arrive
  • Make sure you have tried on all of your gear and ensure that it fits
  • Try out your smoker before the bees arrive and make sure you understand how to use it efficiently. Practice with it
  • Determine hive placement and location
  • Talk to your neighbors and make sure everyone is on the same page. Bring your mentor along with you to explain and answer any questions, calm any anxieties. Bring a jar of local honey as a peace offering with promises of more to come
  • Make sure you have licensed your apiary if it is required in your area. In Pennsylvania you pay $20 and for that fee you get inspections from the local bee inspector, which I consider to be a benefit.

Did I miss anything?

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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