4 very simple do it yourself root cellar ideas!

The biggest challenge, at least for me, with gardening is preserving the harvest. It makes me sick to think of the amount of food I have let go to waste through not having these skills. Root cellaring is something I am looking at hard as it is a no impact way to store food. It uses the earth to maintain the freshness of the crops stored within.

Idea #1

Bury a 5 gallon bucket and cover it with a straw bale.


Photo via mother earth news


Idea #2

Build a root cellar from plastic drums

Another Barrel Design

Idea #3
Make it out of pallets
Pallet wood root cellar

Idea #4
A galvanized trash can. This is basically the same as the barrel one so I am cheating a bit.

Trash Can Root Cellar
Another Trash Can Root Cellar

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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