Close to 100 chicken tractor designs

Build a chicken Tractor

To get my home flock started I am going to build a chicken tractor. I hope to eventually implement a paddock system, however in the short term I need some basic shelter to put the birds in and the chicken tractor seems like the best option.

Chicken Tractor Resources

Arjun Added a nice link to the Save Our Skils Facebook Page of 180 chicken tractor designs.

Darcy from Stumbling Homestead Chicken Tractor Design

A Pallet Wood Chicken Tractor

A small and very well explained design of a chicken tractor

Here is one made from 100% PVC of particular note is the link on making PVC hinges.

Chicken Tractor Video #1

Chicken Tractor Video Series from Garden Girl

Article from above design: Garden Girl Chicken Tractor

I’m going to glom something together this week using elements from some of these designs, so stay tuned. If you have any chicken tractor designs you think I should look at please

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