Episode 18 – News from the homestead and theoutdoorpodcast.com

Today’s podcast is a quick homestead update. I tell you about my plans for chickens and ask for a bit of help, we talk about some consideration when using maple for growing shiitake and finally I ask you very nicely to rate me in itunes.

I also remind you that I’m busy making plans for SOS 2.0 and thesurvivalchannel.com (so forgive the slow down in posts)

After that I have included a copy of Craig Cole’s podcast. He interviewed me about my climb up mt. Rainier.

If you are into fishing, hunting, kayaking, biking, climbing, etc then consider listening to the theoutdoorpodcast.com

Author: Nick-LaDieu

Webmaster of SaveOurSkills.com. Budding skill enthusiast and modern survivalist. When nick isn't plotting his next project he is probably running with his dogs, riding his mountain bike, or fiddling with his home theater.