Save Our Skills News Update 3/17/2011

I had a few minor things I wanted to let you guys know about and figured one post would be best.


After talking to some trusted friends in the homesteading community they all seemed to think that I could keep bees, quadruple the size of my garden, run a podcast, hold down a job, stay married, have my first son and also start a new chicken coup. That sounds like something a sane person would do right?

I’m just nuts enough to give it a go. I’ve decided after much deliberation to build a chicken tractor and research more into making a paddock system later. Now it is GO time so I need to bust some serious but to get this coup built. I think I have more than enough scrap wood. Stay tuned for my mis-adventures!!!

Shiitake Mushrooms

If you are planning to grow your own shiitake mushrooms please do yourself a favor and give Joe and Mary Ellen from a call first. I called them to discuss my maple tree and found out that the type of spore I get will be dependent on the specific maple variety. In fact in the podcast I mentioned that you would want a wide range spore, however for red maple you would want a heat loving variety and use the wide range for a sugar maple. Joel also recommended to me the specific strains he would use for my situation and gave me advice in regards to placing the logs on my property.

The time to order your spore is now as they said they get backed up in april when most people (myself included) will be inoculating. You can keep your spore ready once you get it by putting it into the refrigerator.

The Outdoor Podcast

I love the outdoors, and I think most people reading this blog share that sentiment. I’m going to be recording a podcast tonight with Craig from

Find the outdoor podcast on facebook here

We are going to be discussing my experience with mountaineering on Mount Rainier. In the meantime please enjoy a few photos from the trip:

I enjoy making panoramic photos as a hobby, you can see some panoramic photos of the Rainier trip here

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