Heritage Log Cabin Restoration in 5 Steps

The Original Cabin
Back in the late 1990s I came across an old homesteader’s cabin about to fall into a state of ‘beyond saving’. As a heritage architecture buff, I instantly wanted to restore it. Only one problem – it was sitting on someone else’s property. So after some negotiation with the out-of-town owner, a hand-written bill of sale and $150 cash, I found myself in possession of an (at that time) 70 year old hand-hewn log cabin made from old growth western red cedar and trimmed with old growth Douglas fir. To say we didn’t know what we were in for in the restoration is an understatement, but with a remarkably sound building (even after 50 years of sitting abandoned) and much ingenuity, we were able to bring it back to it’s original glory, and then some. Now, 12 years or so later, it is my home.

Here’s the story: 5 Steps to restoring a log cabin