Nick’s EDC list for Bike Commuters or Mountain Bikers

EDC list for Bike Commuters or Mountain Bikers

I covered this list in my “mountain biking primer” podcast, however I took the time to share with you guys the links to the specific products that I use.

There are many excellent products! If you favor a different brand/flavor of the same tool that doesn’t mean I think you are wrong. If I missed something essential add it to the comments, but don’t be a troll!

  1. Cash
  2. Food: What I bring depends on the length of the ride
  3. Tire Levers: Park Tool Tire Levers
  4. Derailleur Hanger

    This is specific to your Derailleur. It is designed to break in the event you get it caught on something

  5. Patch Kit: Park Tool VP-1 Vulcanizing Patch Kit
  6. Cell phone in waterproof bag
  7. Duct Tape (wrapped around handle of pump)
  8. Bike Multi-Tool / Chain Tool: Park Tool Rescure Tool – MTB 3

    A pretty good deal and has many more tools on it than other tools I have seen. A bit bulkier than other tools I have owned. Comes with a nice canvas carrying case.

  9. Hand Pump: Blackburn Mammoth CF Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Pump

    Most people I know have this pump so I just followed suit. I have had smaller and more compact pumps before but they don’t move air as easily as this pump. It is worth the extra size.

  10. First Aid: Adventure Medical Ultra Light .3 Kit

    I’m sure you could make your own cheaper, but adventure medical has a nice little lightweight kit. I have used parts and replaced them as need be. Comes with a heavy duty waterproof bag.

  11. Plyers / Knife: Leatherman Skeletool CX

    One of the lightest full sized leatherman tools. Worth the extra money over the normal Skeletool due to the knife blade being much more high quality steel than lesser models.

  12. Spare Tubes 29er tube

    I buy them in bulk from Price Point… and stock pile them. I only carry one in my EDC though. Please note: most people will need 26″ size

  13. Power Link: Sram Power Link for 10 speed chain

    I run a SRAM drive train, you will have to get the one appropriate for your bike.

  14. Spare Cleat: Shimano SPD Cleat

    I have actually had a cleat come off on a ride. Having a spare seems likea good idea.

  15. Hydration: Camelbak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

    Mine is way old and ragged, might even be the original “M.U.L.E.”

  16. Water Backup: Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets

    I’ve run out on epic rides before and had to drink straight from local springs. I have never gotten sick from this, however I tossed these in my pack for the next time this happens.

  17. Camera: Pentax Optio W90 Waterproof Digital Camera

    A nice durable, and waterproof camera

  18. GPS Garmin Foretrex 301 Waterproof Hiking GPS

    A nice value for the price. Battery lasts a decent amount of time too (like 12+ hours)

Bonus Lists

Before the ride

  1. Pedro’s Syn Lube Bicycle Chain Lubricant
  2. Park Tool PFP-6 Home Floor Pump
  3. RockSHox HP Fork/Shock pump

Other Essential Bike Tools

  1. Part Tool Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench
  2. 10 piece metric color coded T-Handle Hex Key Set
  3. 4 piece pick and hook set (great for getting mud out of stuff)
  4. Pedro’s Pro Brush Kit

There are many other tools to get, but that is a basic set every serious biker should own

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