Episode 30: Hunting deer from the view point of an absolute beginner

This episode is all about my experience hunting deer. It is the viewpoint of an absolute beginner and it is just my experience and is very personal to me. You may experience better, different, or worse results.

One thing I forgot to mention:
I got to see this tool used: Butt Out and all I can say is it is going into my kit. Wow that thing just took the intestine out with such ease I could not believe what I was seeing. Worth every penny of the about $10 you will spend on it.

Beginner’s Guide to hunting deer for food

Mora Swedish Knife

Gut it, Cut it, Cook it (A MUST OWN!!)

Russian Mosin Nagant

Mosin Soft Point Hunting Ammo

This is one of the 2 deer I managed to harvest
Butchering the first deer with the help of a local butcher!
Mike butchering a deer
Meat Pile before packing
Fruits of our labor. This is before splitting it with Mike

Author: Nick-LaDieu

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