Paleo Bread is not Paleo

Today I have to get something off my chest, and that is about these so called “Paleo” breads and “Paleo” desserts floating around Facebook and the willingness of advocates of “The Paleo Diet” to jump on anyone using some sort unapproved sweetener all while condoning these “Paleo” treats to be eaten liberally.

The folks over at Whole 9 call this “Sex with your pants on” and their article explains the phenomenom much more succinctly.

Some people seem to think you can chug as much maple syrup and honey as you want since it’s on some dubious whitelist. You can eat 5 cups of almond meal and that’s fine becaues nuts are “Paleo” nevermind that we are told to eat a few raw nuts only as an occasional snack by the prominent “Paleo” talking heads.

Then they have the audacity to give someone a lecture that uses a tablespoon of brown sugar in a BBQ rub coating a 10 pound pork shoulder.

Oh My Gosh – Brown Sugar is not Paleo.. don’t you know you are going to basically die if you eat that?

Let me ask you which is going to have the higher GI?

Guess what, honey functions exactly the same as white sugar in the blood stream, and I am truly sorry to burst your bubble. I guess the point of this rant is that eating the equivalent of 40 raw almonds in a slice of so called “paleo” bread doesn’t seem very “paleo” to me. Stop kidding yourself. Swapping out cane sugar for maple syrup in dressing or sauce isn’t going to make it more effective at controlling your blood sugar.

Granted there might be other reasons to avoid certain sugars such as GMO beet sugar or HFCS… but that goes with anything, you always need high quality ingredients.. not the point AT ALL.

I’m not suggesting that Robb Wolf is telling people to load up on maple syrup by the way. People are being extremely literal and trying to game the system by manipulating these ingredient lists. You can’t game healthy eating. If you want a piece of cake don’t try to game the system, just eat a piece of cake using flour and eggs. Don’t do it very often and admit to yourself the truth about eating it.

Making something with paleo approved ingredients does not make something paleo. You were never meant to eat the equivalent of raw almonds that it would take to use 2 cups of almond meal in a recipe. Period, end of story. By all means eat your “paleo” bread, just know that it isn’t paleo and above all relax, if you eat a real slice of pizza once a month your not going to explode unless you are a celiac.

OK I feel better now, back to your normal programming.

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Author: Nick-LaDieu

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  • anAmericanByChoice

    Yes and no, agree and disagree; especially on the idea that people did not eat the equivalent of two cups of nuts, etc. A so called paleo diet is simply another guess at what life and things might have been. What was most likely (guess work on my part) was that people ate what they could when they could and, like non-domesticated animals, most people might have spent days without food and then they ate their full when the kill allowed or when anything edible was found. Same would have happened with nuts. If all they had was nuts, whatever the nuts, they might have eaten their full because THAT was what was available at that time, and same with berries, fruits, roots, etc. Even today, with all the garbage food available, if people would avoid processed and make sure they would be slightly hungry everyday, and regularly go for a day or two without food, they would be far healthier and live longer. Mostly what our bodies cannot stand is overdosing on everything! Give the body a chance to flush, clean up, regenerate and recuperate and you’ll live to be 120!…

  • saveourskills

    This article is about someone giving me trouble about eating cane sugar as an ingredient in my sauce because it wasn’t paleo and this article is my rant on the fact that just because somebody picked their ingredients off of a sacred list doesn’t mean they can over-indulge on them as much as they want, where if they would eat something off the list they will immediately explode.

    The title of the article is to kind of get you fired up and be like “this guy is a food nazi” but when you read it you realize that it’s a rant against food nazis.

    I think this message did not come through in the way I wanted it to, basically understand why it works, and realize that it’s about controlling blood sugar and minimizing refined foods. If people understood why it worked and didn’t just dogamtically over-analyze a list they would realize that a tablespoon of brown sugar on in a BBQ rub on a 5 pound piece of pork isn’t going to derail their “paleo” diet.


  • Deanna

    Thank you! This irks me to no end. Because, out prehistoric ancestors were picking bread off trees, right?

  • saveourskills

    I agree with your statement but the point of my article is let’s stop being food nazis and endlessly argue on what is paleo or not. Let’s get beyond the ingredients and understand why something works and evaluate our food based on that knowledge not some pointless argument about caveman

    The reality is there is no paleo diet. They ate whatever regional food they could get their hands on period. The only commonality between real paleo diets is there is no commonality

    So next time somebody wants to bust chops because their friend used some white sugar lets take a step back and think about the context first. Eating a candy bars for dinner isn’t equivalent to having some sugar in a homemade salad dressing

    The Paleo culture needs to stop being so ingredient obsessed

    Sorry provably a longer response than you bargained for and it was not directed at you. I wrote this title to be inflammatory but I wanted to teach a lesson when the article was read. Unfortunately this is lost on most people