Save Our Skills YouTube & Facebook

I just wanted to do a quick post and remind everyone to check out the Save Our Skills YouTube Channel. We have been busy producing content and want to maintain a regular video posting schedule, every 3-4 weeks to start out. Unfortunately, out here in the sticks, our internet service is sketchy at best and I had major issues posting to YouTube. However, my wife has been all over the service provider and I think I should be able to post videos now from home. We have recently posted 2 videos:

Splitting Fence Post which is a support video to the blog post Building and Mending Fences (pt. 1)

Skinning Deer which is a neighbor skinning a buck he harvested during archery season

The video quality is not the greatest, but please bear with us as we work out all the kinks.


Also, make sure you like and follow the Save Our Skills Facebook page. We are rapidly approaching 10,000 likes!

Thanks for all the support and we hope you will join us on the ride as we pick up steam and get this thing moving full steam ahead.


Author: Shane Cole

Shane is a retired 26 year military veteran that moved back to the family farm in 2013. He and his wife, Deanna, are making a go at traditional homesteading and living a simpler life.