Building A Machete From With Some Hand Filing

Another older post from a blog I’m shutting down.


MachettWe ordered the 18″ machete from which ended up being less than $30 including shipping.  This is a complete kit including the handle and hidden bolt fasteners.  The blade is covered with some kind of goop to protect it so I used acetone to clean the area under the handle.  The wood handle had to be drilled out a little to accept the hidden bolt fasteners and then we did some filing on the back side of the blade.  So far this is looking to be a much better quality machete for only a few dollars more than what can be purchased locally from a hardware or sporting goods store.  My son also got a real kick out of “making” a knife.

Note that we did take a shortcut and drilled out the handle so the entire hidden bold fastener went below the surface of the handle.  Normally you would tighten them up and file them smooth to the surface of handle.

Author: Jerry Ward

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