Adding A Hive Body – Transitioning To Mediums

20160814_155558.jpgMy plan is to move to 8 frame mediums since I’ve found 10 frame deeps so very heavy.  However I don’t want to waste the resources on the deep frames I have so I’m hoping that building a tall stack will encourage the bees to move out of the deeps at the bottom.  I then want to use the deeps as swarm traps.  So I cut a sheet of 3/8″ external grade plywood and used a brad nailer to fasten it to the bottom and drilled a hole and put an entrance disk over it.  There are two brads nailed into the hold to keep mice out.

I had a fairly hard time getting the hive picked up and moved over and I’m sure I crushed some bees in the effort.  But the bees were getting excited once I pried the hive off of the existing bottom board and there were a lot of them flying around in the air and I got stung twice, the first time since I started beekeeping.  I finally got the hive re-stacked and am once again convinced the need to have lighter hive bodies.



Author: Jerry Ward

Working on creating a 10 acre urban homestead in S.E. Michigan. To pay the bills I work as a product manager/business analyst in the IT field. Now the admin of Save Our Skills