Time To Learn Some Axe Skills

I have to admit to having an affinity for axes for as long as I can remember.  I’m not as hardcore as the folks over at the Axe Junkies Facebook Group, but I do have around 10 of them.  This year I’m determined to spend more quality time with them.  You will only develop axe skills by using it and I will be finding some tasks, projects or chores that I can do with an axe.

So You Want To be a lumberjack

I have always enjoyed splitting straight grained wood with an axe or maul and when I cut down smaller trees I’ve found a good sharp axe removes small limbs better than a chainsaw.  But for felling trees, I’m more of a chainsaw kind of guy.  I do have a couple of the large double bit axes.  An interesting side note is that each side of the head was often sharpened differently for different uses.  I will give felling a tree with an axe a go this spring, you never know I might like it and it will at the very least be good exercise.

Carpenters Axe

The view many people have of an axe user is a lumberjack with a huge double bit axe.  However what many people do not realize is that an axe is not just the tool of a woodsman or lumberjack, is used to be part of the standard toolkit of the carpenter.  Pictured above is the Hults Bruk Carpenter Axe that I acquired this year and I will be starting with it this year.  I need to clear out space in my basement first so I have a place to work.  The edge on this axe is amazing, almost a mirror finish and very sharp.  I’ll be looking for some project that can be made with just an axe to build my skills.

Interesting Videos

A good primer on different types of Axes by Dave Canterbury

Wrangler Star reviews a decent cheep axe

Author: Jerry Ward

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