Go Bag – Start With The Bag

This is part of the Go Bag series.

Putting together a Go Bag, AKA Bug-Out-Bag or 72-hour kit requires something to gather things together into. That is some kind of bag. I’ve selected a backpack for the flexibility to have my hands free while carrying it.

Keeping in mind the limited use of a bag for emergency use is you should consider the balance between spending the money enough money to get a bag that fills the need vs something that would fall apart the first time you use it.

For me it needs to be a back-pack. This gives you the option of having your hands free while carrying the bag and generally you can carry more weight on your back than griping it in your hands. Additionally, I wanted the options that the MOLLE system provides. Further, I’m looking for my bag to visibly stand out, any kind of camo pattern is not what I’m looking for.

I selected this bag in the yellow and purple

In the past, I have used backpacks and bags that were one single compartment and found that I didn’t like it as I usually had to take everything out every time I needed anything. This has several compartments so I can organize the stuff I have in the bag. I have used it on vacation trips and so far like it. Future posts in this series will go through what I think should be part of a go-bag.