This is the obligatory introductory post! I’m not going to drone on about the philosophy of the site too much. This site is about taking action, so this post will be mercifully short.

I’m very excited to be taking over as webmaster here at My name is Nick LaDieu and I am a 32 year old web developer living in western Pennsylvania.

Right now I would consider myself to be a product of modern society. I don’t fix my own car, heck, I don’t even fix my own bicycle! I’m part owner of a software company and I’ve never changed the oil in my car or even put on a pair of brake pads.

Why in the hell would I decide to be the webmaster of a website called

There was a DIY ethic in this country that our grandparents and great-grandparents took for granted. This self reliant attitude has been lost to my generation, however the knowledge still exists and is making a comeback.

I have decided that anyone can become self-reliant in this modern internet connected society and that includes myself.

Let’s learn together.

Please drop me a line: