Go Bag

It goes by different names. Go Bag, Bug Out Bag, or 72 Hour Kit. The concept is it is a bag you grab when you have to leave your house unexpectedly and will be gone for a few days. It could be due to some kind of local emergency, a problem with your house, or if you need to be someplace else urgently. In that case, it is helpful to have a bag you can grab that has enough supplies to take care of you for 3 days.

Just to be clear this is not going to enable you to go and live in the national wilderness and doing things like foraging for food, building a shelter, and establishing a place to hideout. If you don’t already have experience “roughing it” in the wilderness, a bag of gear will not turn you into a mountain man.

For the situations that most of us are going to encounter we need enough to make ourselves somewhat comfortable for a few days. Thus why it is often called a 72-hour kit. If you can take care of yourself for 3 days then usually either the emergency will have passed or other support will have become available.

For this write-up, it is assumed that you have a car available to carry some heavier items. No attempt will be made to put together a kit that you can completely carry on your back. Water alone will be more than many can carry. With a car, you will always have at least enough shelter to survive. While perhaps not comfortable, at least enough to keep you alive if you cannot find something better.

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