Decided On Shed Size

I’ve decided to go with a 8′ x 12′ shed.  I think that will make the best use of materials since the metal comes in 3′ sections.  I’m going with a single pitch, or shed style roof.  I can get 12′ sections and if I over hang them 6″ on the front and about 6-1/2′ on the back.  This will give me a covered area behind the shed to park an old ridding mower that I use to pull trailers around my property.  I still have to figure out the construction details and buy materials, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it as I go.

How to build a PVC green house

I just finished listening to Episode 526 – Time for fall garden overdrive of The Survival Podcast. Personally I have been slacking BIG TIME on my fall garden. I’m still harvesting Kentucky wonder pole beans like it’s my job, but that’s about all that is left of my garden except for a few tomatoes.

Well that was just the kick in the pants I needed. I’ve got all the materials laying around to build myself a nice little green house. This will be the subject of a series of upcoming videos so I hope you will stay tuned.

Here is a great PVC greenhouse I found on youtube and just based on the search results there are just a TON of other designs out there. Do you have a favorite low budget greenhouse design? Post it in the comments.

Here is a link to a great resource I found on this topic:

PVC Hoophouse/Greenhouse