Food Grade Buckets and Lids – Check Lowes

For any of your project that require food grade buckets you might check your local Lowe’s.  The one closest to me carries food grade 5 & 2 gallon buckets and lids.  For the 5 gallon size in stock on the shelf was solid lids, with a bung hole and gamma lids.  The gamma lid costs the most, but I got a bucket and gamma lid for a bit less than $12  If I would have went with a solid lid it would have been about half that.  I’m not sure if they are available cheaper online, but when you take into account shipping charges I think you will have to buy a lot of them at once before you will save any money.  Plus you can have it now if you need it.  I have not found any other stores in my area that sells food grade buckets and lids.