Ice box pickles – You can make all the pickle slices you can handle in under 5 minutes

Without a doubt Ice box pickles are the lazy man’s pickle. These are also known as “refrigerator pickles” as you just put all the ingredients into a container and throw them in the fridge. Pretty much all you do is mix the ingredients together and toss them into the fridge. The pickles I made this year were scary good. I add a bunch of fresh jalapeno seeds to give them a nice bite.

No cooking or canning

If you are super lazy you can use a powdered mix such as This one. I used one of these mixes last year and was pleased with the results.

First of all, to make this process go even faster get yourself a good Mandolin Slicer. These things are scary sharp so be careful. You could slice a huge pile of cucumbers into perfectly even slices in about 3 minutes with this. I’m telling you if you take nothing else from this article, do yourself a favor and get one of these things.

What I do is throw all of my ingredients into a large plastic container with a screw top lid… after about 3 days in the fridge you have some incredible pickles.

I’m not sure what the storage life of the icebox pickle is, I generally keep them in the fridge and compulsively eat them every time I am in the vicinity so this hasn’t proved to be an issue for me as of yet.

Here are a few different recipes. I like to also throw in some hot elements like red pepper flakes, diced jalapenos and seeds… it’s up to you!