Decided On Shed Size

I’ve decided to go with a 8′ x 12′ shed.  I think that will make the best use of materials since the metal comes in 3′ sections.  I’m going with a single pitch, or shed style roof.  I can get 12′ sections and if I over hang them 6″ on the front and about 6-1/2′ on the back.  This will give me a covered area behind the shed to park an old ridding mower that I use to pull trailers around my property.  I still have to figure out the construction details and buy materials, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it as I go.

Building A Small Shed

I’ve found myself needing a small shed.  My original plans were for a full size pole barn, but I ran out of money while building the house so that project is on hold for some time.  However I need to get my mowers our of my garage.  Plus I want to have power out away from my house to run an arc welder and to provide power for my chicken coop.

In my township I can build an out building up to 100 square feet without any permit required.  I’m currently trying to decide between a 10′ x 10′ or a 8′ x 12′.  I will be using metal roofing panels for the roof and the walls and both will take basically the same amount for the sides, however I want some overhang on the roof so 10′ x 10′ might be easier, using four 12′ metal roof panels.

I’m going to build this pole barn style and to start it will have a dirt floor.  A concrete floor would only take about 1-1/4 yards and that is well below the minimum orders for a concrete.  Mixing up bags would be a lot of work so I’ll have to think about it.  Another option would be something called 21AA which is a mix of rock and limestone dust that will pack down hard.  Plus I can buy 21AA from a place about 4 miles away a pickup truck load at a time.

If you follow the tag Shed you can get updates on this project going forward.