Digital Prepping: – How to Create a Highly Redundant Backup System

By: Nick LaDieu

Data Reduncency is Key to Good Planning
Data Reduncency is Key to Good Planning

I’m guessing that you know someone who has suffered through a digital disaster such as loss of precious family photos or important tax documents and other files. Just like you prepare for other disasters n the physical word you need to be digitally prepared. The first step towards digital preparedness is creating a good backup scheme for your important files.

I have a good friend who recently had all of her interior design business’ documents on a laptop. I didn’t know this was the case until it was to late. In her case she didn’t drop it in a puddle or experience hard drive failure. On new year’s eve this past year her house was broken into while she was away and the laptop was stolen.

Laptop lo-jack and encryption of sensitive information is a topic for another thread. Those issues aside, she experienced the loss of many digital assets including quick-books financial records and irreplaceable photos which were both business and personal in nature. This is not a threat on the level with a physical threat to your safety but I assure you it is a real threat and if you go through it you will highly regret not being prepared. People regularly pay upwards of $5000 for hard drive recovery services to retrieve family photos, make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

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