Build your own table saw and more!

The Weekend Warrior’s Workshop

Chris AKA CycleSurgeon is the man! He has put out my new favorite YouTube channel which is “The Weekend Warrior’s Workshop”.

You can get all of this guys plans at the Weekend Warrior’s Workshop website.

This guy will show those on a budget how you can assemble a fully outfitted wood shop with a minimal investment. I stumbled across this while looking on YouTube for a low budget way to replace the rip fence on my 1970’s era craftsman table saw. Not only did this guy have a simple design for a homemade rip fence, but he built the entire table saw! I’m definitely going to add a nice cross cut sled and new rip fence to my saw.

I hope everyone enjoys this find as much as I do. I can’t believe how few views these videos have gotten, this is truly a hidden gem!

I’ve embedded his current videos below or click here to go to his YouTube channel.

How to use and maintain a chainsaw

Just a super quick post today about chainsaws. Sort of a halloween theme right? Well I suppose saws are more useful than chasing screaming children around a corn maze.

Like many people I spend a fair amount of time sawing dead fall and pruning every year. Previously I had always taken my saw to the dealer to get service done and to get my blades sharpened, however I am very interested in starting to learn how to do these myself.

I purchased a chain saw sharpening tool that attaches to the end of a dremel and I will be reviewing that in an upcoming video, so watch out for that.

eHow definitely has the best collection of videos on using and maintaining a chainsaw.

Keeping your saw maintained will greatly increase the lifespan of your saw, definitely worth the effort

How to use and maintain a chainsaw