Tool Recommendations

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I must confess that I have never met a tool I didn’t like or wasn’t willing to have in my tool box or garage. In my 30 years of acquiring tools I don’t think there are any I’ve ever sold. However you do not need to be like me to have the basics to do simple projects. Tool recommendations on Save Our Skills will be broken down into levels starting at level 0, things that everyone should have. Level 1 will start to diverge depending on the type and size of home/property you take care and other skills you might want to pursue like woodworking or gardening. I also consider things in the kitchen to be tools. Therefore you might see something described as a Level 0 Knife, Level 1 General, Level 2 Woodworking and so on. This page will just be a list with links to articles that describe the item. Most will be on Save Our Skills, however we may link to external content if someone else does a really good job. This will be an ongoing project but please be patient as this will some time to get the initial articles written.

Level 0
72 hour kit
Blackout Kit
Duct Tape

Level 1 – General
The Electrical Tester Everyone Should Own
Circular Saw
Cordless Drill/Impact Driver
An Introduction to the Hand File
Painting Supplies
Jig Saw
12V Test Light

Level 1 – Homestead
Logging Chain

Level 2 – General
More Ladders

Level 2 – Woodworking
Table Saw
Miter Saw

Level 2 – Woodsman